Summer Reading Activities for June 21-24

Just a note of gratitude: Thank you to Gate City Bank, the Carrington Endowment fund, and Scott and Celine Fetch for providing financial support. Without this, our variety of activities would be greatly limited.

Monday, June 21

3:30 – Movies and Munchies: Showing The Big Trip. The stork delivers a panda cub to the wrong bear family. A family adventure follows while returning the panda to its far-off family.

Tuesday, June 22

9:30 – Animal Yoga: A Trip to the Beach. Yoga will be at the courthouse park. If no one is there by 9:15, it’s been moved to the library due to weather.

10:30 – STEM: Behind the scenes virtual visit to the Seneca Zoo in Rochester, NY. Discover how zoos care for animals and establish animal habitats. Learn about the job of zoo veterinarians. Followed by an animal habitat Kahoot (with prizes!).

3:30 – Arts & Crafts: We’ll briefly talk about animal habitats, as food is an important part. Then we’ll contribute to our bird friend habitats by making a pine cone birdfeeder.

Wednesday, June 23

10:00 – Storytime: Stories and crafts at the fairgrounds!

3:30 – STEM: Supersaturated solutions are our topic this week, and from them we will attempt to grow three different types of crystals. (f possible, bring your own jars – 3 of them – as this project must be taken home to finish.)

Thursday, June 24

10:30 – Arts & Crafts: We’ll talk more about animal homes, do an experiment about how animals stay warm, and then paint the home one of our animal friends carries on its back (a seashell).

3:30 – Storytime: Stories and crafts at the fairgrounds!